We’re committed to making more responsible choices to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to creating a better world.

As swimmers, we have a special connection to water, which makes up 71% of our planet. Water enriches our lives in many ways, so we want to do our part to protect the earth. We know there’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re committed to making better choices and incorporating more sustainable practices.


These are some of our sustainable practices that we’re implementing now. But, this is only the beginning and we’ll continue to be better on our journey to creating a healthier planet.


Environmental Policy

Environmental effects are considered throughout our entire design and manufacturing processes to ensure every effort to protect the environment is being made. We continually monitor and ensure compliance with all environmental legislation. This includes global e-waste, battery, and packaging requirements, as well as registration with e-waste and packaging recycling programs.

Sustainable and Recyclable Materials

We’re committed to making great products for swimmers, while protecting our planet. We prioritize the use of recyclable, non-virgin materials, which are always ethically and sustainably sourced.


FORM goggles are proudly designed in Vancouver, Canada and manufactured in Taiwan. We go to great lengths to ensure our supply chain and manufacturing partners share our commitment to the environment, sustainable and ethical sourcing, and treating every person with respect.

Frequent audits are conducted across our entire supply chain to ensure compliance with our environmental standards related to waste and energy reduction, lowering emissions, and recycling.

We only work with suppliers that provide an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace for their employees. All suppliers adhere to international labour conventions and the universal declaration of human rights.